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Franchise opportunity of ELIDE FIRE - Self Activating Fire Extinguishing Ball with Build-in Fire Alarm!

“ELIDE FIRE”- Self Activating Fire Extinguishing Ball with Build-in Fire Alarm, the revolution in fire extinguishing technologies. Available with us in India.

You will agree that 90% of ordinary people cannot use fire extinguishing equipment when they are facing a real fire situation.

Fire extinguishing ball is a ball shaped fire extinguisher. Simply throw into fire, it will activate within 3-5 seconds and effectively disperse fire-extinguishing chemicals in 360 degree. It can also be used to extinguish fire when no one is around, it will self activate when it comes into contact with fire and give a loud noise as a fire alarm.

 “ELIDE FIRE” Fire Ball extinguisher has already won a number of International Awards worldwide. It has also been successfully tested by NTH (Govt. of India), fire safety product certificate from PSB Corporation and many more renowned worldwide organizations along with various patent rights.

“ELIDE FIRE” Extinguishing Ball is best suited for the following application areas:

  • Industries, Godowns
  • Hospitals & Laboratories, Health Institutes, etc
  • Electrical Panels, Generators, Computer server rooms
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Schools, Offices, Record Rooms
  • Petroleum Establishments including Petrol Pumps
  • Railways & Airports etc

International Awards & Certificates for the new quality innovation and leadership of invention development for the future:

  • “Best Enterprise” recognition by International Socrates Committee and Europe Business Assembly, 2011
  • Platinum Technology award for Quality and Best Trade Name, Other ways Management & Consulting Association , Paris , France, 2010
  • WIPO Awards, Gold Medal with Certificate from IIDC International Inventor’s day Convention 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
  • The IFIA Cup for the Best Invention of international Inventors’ day, 2 IIDC International Inventor’s Day Convention 2009, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Semi Grand Prize, SIIF Seoul International Invention Fair 2008, Seoul, South Korea
  • Russian Gold Medal Awards, SIIF 2008, Seoul, South Korea
  • Excellence Award, Minnesota Inventor Congress, USA 2008
  • World Genius Award, World Genius Convention, Tokyo, Japan 2007
  • Gold Medal Award with Mention, Brussels Eureka 2001 Belgium
  • Certificate of BACCI, Bulgaria
  • The Best Invention Award from Russia. EMERCOM
  • National Research Council of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008
  • The High Impact Invention Award, 2 IIDC Thailand, 2009
  • 33 International Award for Business Leadership and Prestige, German
  • The International Quality Crown Award, London 2004, United Kingdom

There is no special training or skill required to operate the ball. It is safer as you do not need to get close to the fire. And most importantly no regular inspection and maintenance is required for the product up to the span of FIVE years. It is made of non-toxic human & environmental friendly materials.


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