Orb Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Orb Energy Pvt. Ltd.


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₹ 2 Lac - 5 Lac
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10% to 20%
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About Us

ORB ENERGY brings you the opportunity to become distributor of Solar Home Light System...Read On!

We appreciate you shown interest for becoming distributor of Solar Home Light System "Solectric Plug and Play".

We take this opportunity to introduce our company Orb Energy Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Orb Energy Pte Ltd, Singapore started operations in India early Oct ’06.

We have 100 and above branches in Karnataka, 8 branches in Kerala, 8 branches in Andhra Pradesh and 15 branches in Maharashtra. We have sales team and technical team operating from each of these branches to ensure rights products are sold after ascertaining the customers need, quality installations and prompt after sales service.

We have recently launched a solar energy product which basically provides LED lighting and mobile phone charging. This unit is ‘Plug & Play’ and can be very easily installed by the customer. This product is ideally suited for lighting up small rural homes which are still dependent on kerosene lamps, candles for lighting in the night or during power cuts. 

The product uses a Lithium Ferrous battery which has a life greater than 1500 cycles unlike a lead acid battery which has life 300 to 500 cycles. The lights are of cool LED type there-by having a life of 50000 hours. Use of these components basically improves the reliability of the product.

We are an approved Channel partner with MNRE. The following banks have empanelled us in their approved list of suppliers of solar products which has helped us to grow the business as well as solar technology reaching the rural masses.

Solectric Plug and Play:

Our recently launched Solectric Plug and Play products are a hit with our customers. Now instead of suffering with dim, smoky light from kerosene, our customers have bright efficient light using state-of-the-art solar and LED technology.

The system also comes with a lithium ferrous battery estimated to give more than 1500 cycles – e.g. more than four years – and can be fully discharged to get the benefit of all the solar power you generate.

Other key Features:

  • There is an optional grid charger in case you have a connection to the grid
  • It comes with mobile phone adapters to charge your mobile phone
  • It allows for easy up-grade from 5 watts and 2 lights to 10 watts and 4 lights.

Franchise Add-Ons:

  • Field assistance is provided to franchisee
  • Support from head office experts will be there while setting up franchise
  • Present IT system will be included in franchise

We are currently setting up our infrastructure in All over India. I hereby request you to join hands with us. Your initiative would stimulate the market for these products and help lot of households in rural villages to acquire solar products thereby overcome power problems being faced in their routine.

Thanks & Regards

Orb Energy Pvt Ltd Team

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