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Investment Required
₹ 10 K - 50 K
Space Required
Not Available
Not Available
Exclusive Territorial Rights
Payback Period
1 Year
Other Investment Required
Not Available
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About Us

About Us:

‘Pattal’ are an innovative idea to present our traditional culture into new luxury way. In order to reduce plastic waste, the company decided to stitch together fibres from leaves. 

The plates are completely renewable and biodegradable and disintegrate within 3 to 6 week in compost.

Now a day the importance of biodegradable materials is very high since polyethylene wastes poses severe threat to the universe. “We invented an amazing new method to make tableware out of leaves and leaves only. No chemicals, no harm plastics, not a single tree was cut down.” The disposable plates and food packing materials manufactured from easily available 5 types of Natural leaf in the “Light of Ayurveda”.

Natural leaf leaves is a better substitute for disposable polythene and paper plates. The Govt. is restricting the use of plastic materials and hence eco-friendly products are preferred to plastic products. There is an ever increasing demand for these items. Keeping this in mind, the promoter has ventured this unit. Natural leaf plates are perfect alternate to Plastics/Polymer based products.


  • Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and Compostable.
  • Luxury product with unique and natural texture gives a tactile freshness that feels miles away from shiny and heavily processed paper plates.
  • No chop down of trees, fallen leaves are collected and turned to value with medicinal value improve health according to Ayurveda.
  • Added products. Waste to wealth concept.
  • No Chemicals, bleaching, PE (Poly Ethylene) coating, Wax coating at any stage.
  • Light weight, sturdy and non-crushable.
  • Microwave & Refrigerator safe.
  • Holds liquid items without leakage.
  • Good for hot, wet and cool food items.
We are looking for
Dealers, Distributors
Location Expansion
NorthUttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
CenterMadhya Pradesh


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