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Investment Required
₹ 50 K - 2 Lac
Space Required
100 - 300 Sq ft
Not Available
Exclusive Territorial Rights
Payback Period
2 Years
Other Investment Required
He have must retailers network and experience in same field, He have must Food Supplement ( FSSAI Licence )
Property Preference
About Us

Naturals fit: All Nutraceutical Capsule

Naturals Fit all Nutraceutical Capsule was designed and developed by the owners to replace the needs for the nutrition in the body which is not viable in the daily diet. The capsules are developed by passionate practitioners of health who are zealous about the health issues. The word Nutraceutical derives from two important words, Nutrients and Pharmaceuticals.

Naturals Fit Nutraceutical Capsules are a perfect combination of nutrients that is essential for the human body to consume and replenish. The Naturals Fit capsules are completely natural and vegetarian. They have medical benefits to sustain the daily needs of the body.

Natural Fits Nutraceutical Capsules are made with natural extracts of the herbs and plants as per the alternative medicines. They are safe to consume and can be used along with your other medicine. Most of the users can see the result of the Nutraceutical Capsules in 2-3 months of usage.

Natural Fits Nutraceutical Capsules are herbal products that are developed in the world-class labs and made with the hygiene of top-class machines. the Nutraceutical Capsules from the Naturals fits are trusted around the world. Many people have been benefited from the capsules. There are Nutraceutical Capsules for many needs like weight gain, a supplement for skin, capsules to supplement Biotin for men and women, and weight loss management pills made from natural ingredients. 

Vihan: Capsule, anti-aging cream, glutathione cream, skin whitening cream.

Vihan is the trusted name the world of beauty and cosmetic products made for the target customers. The makers of Vihan anti-aging and skin whitening cream has developed the formula that not only does the job but also makes sure that your skin glow is restored. The makers of the Vihan products are impassioned person of health. They travel around the world to understand the need for the herbs and medicines for our daily needs.

Vihan anti-aging cream and skin whitening cream and capsules are made with safe herbal products that target your skin collagen and manage the skin glow. They also provide a fresh layer of skin by helping the skin to regenerate new skin cells. The oils in the cream make your skin smoother and attractive.

Vihan glutathione cream has extracts of Vitamin C which is very essential for making your skin glow and gets brighter. Whereas the Vihan Anti-aging cream helps in the elimination of skin impurities and removes the dirt from the skin upper layer. The cosmetic products are very gentle on the skin and give instant fairness to your face. Vihan capsules are popular among the customers with the problem of hair loss and weight issues. Vihan Capsules for the supplement of Biotin and weight loss management are made with herbal extracts and modern formulas.

Vihan Anti-aging cream has Retinol and Hyaluronic acid which are basic essential ingredients for an effective anti-aging cream. They improve the skin elasticity and makes you look ten years younger.

Vihan Shilajit is the most popular product which are natural and does not have any side effects. The pure form of fulvic acid which enhances the performance in men overall. 

Bearded: Beard Oil 

Bearded is the trusted name in the men’s grooming segment which offers beard and mustache oil for men. The oil is made from the natural herb extracts to sustain the need for the men’s grooming. Beard oil is an essential part of the daily regime of all men. The oil is 100% natural and safe from chemicals. 

The brand is the result of the passionate research in the field of men’s grooming products. The makers of the Bearded are very fondly known in the industry for making quality products with extensive research. All Bearded products are chemical free and has no side effects.

The oil is made from natural oils like almond oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, fragrance, peppermint oil, vitamin e, and organic jojoba oil, black seed oil. These oils have a natural property to make your beard look healthy and shiny. The company ensures that oil is safe, and no itching will result in usage. However, a patch test is essential. 

Bearded oils meant for the use of men who have a need to manage their looks and beards. The oil not only compliments your looks but also helps in the fast growth of the beard. The combination of Argan and Jojoba oils will make your mane look dashing and softer.

The unique fact about the Bearded beard oil is that it is free from chemicals. They also stimulate the skin beneath your beard and help you to groom your mane. The application is very simple, and you can use it daily.

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